Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Several recent articles have postulated dramatic changes for the 'future of work'.  These trends are not new, but the pace has definitely quickened.  I would encourage all to read the following:

One key finding:

"Technologies like robotics, numerically controlled machines, computerized inventory control, and automatic transcription have been substituting for routine tasks, displacing those workers. Meanwhile other technologies like data visualization, analytics, high-speed communications, and rapid prototyping have augmented the contributions of more abstract and data-driven reasoning, increasing the value of those jobs."

These articles, which include many insightful facts and charts,  make the case quite strongly that, due to technological advancements, we are automating jobs much faster than we are creating them.  Many jobs which are currently done by humans will soon be done by automated robots or other automated means.  Further, for the first time, we are not creating enough new jobs to provide options for those displaced.



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