Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Data rEvolution report from the Leading Edge Forum

One of my favorite reports, published once each year, is the Leading Edge Forum in-depth report on a particular subject.  Past reports have been outstanding and very useful in understanding how Information Technology is changing the world.

This year's report, Data rEvolution, has just been published and is available for download.  This report contains many insights for how to manage, utilize, and leverage the "big data" that has arrived.  This is must reading for those who would be CIO's.  

The change coming is dramatic, as illustrated by this chart:

The Data rEvolution explores in-depth, and gives insights in several key areas:
  • Great Expectations: Do More with More (Data) – Howleading organizations living the Data rEvolution are settingnew expectations for getting results from data
  • A Changing Foundation: New Methods to Manage Big Data – new ways to organize and manage massive,diverse data for complex processing using approacheslike MapReduce and Hadoop
  • The New Alchemy: Connecting the Dots – new tools andmethods for establishing relationships and meaning, includingfolksonomies, semantics, link analysis, temporal analysis,location-based services and situational intelligence
  • Enabling the Predictive Enterprise: Strategies toUnderstand, Anticipate and Plan – new ways to achieveinsights through better questions, social discovery, predictiveanalytics, advanced models and analytics for everyone
  • Seeing Is Believing: Visualization and Visual Analytics –new methods of visualization and visual analytics toparse the data and literally see new relationships andinsights on the fly
There are many mentions and examples of how the government participates in leveraging "big data", e.g., climate science and healthcare.  Many business areas are also explored and illustrated.   

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